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Sirius Capital is a boutique private equity investment company, originally established in USA and Canada since 2015.
Senior Partners of Sirius Capital bring abundant private equity and venture capital investment experience and expertise in different fields to serve our investors. Its Partners are experienced globally and are based in the Unites States and Canada.
With a combined of more than 100 years of financial industry experience, Sirius Capital Senior Partners are currently managing more than $300MM of assets and investments in different areas as diverse as financial services and real estate. We have been involved with some of these companies as they moved form startup to have being listed on New York Stock Exchange in USA and Sci-Tech Innovation Board in China.
New Investments are being evaluated from early stage, including but not limited to real estate, financial services, high-tech, environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, new materials, and bio-tech medical companies.



We share the same principle and value with our investors: integrity, courage, perseverance, dedication.



Senior Partner

Douglas Brown was Vice Chairman Investment Banking Morgan Stanley. He serves on the Board   of Directors of TransAmerica and Hightower Advisors, a 70Billion wealth management firm, where he was its first Chairman, and is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of SOS Ltd., (NYSE: SOS). Douglas Brown is also the Founder and Chairman of DLB Capital, and Founding Investor of three start-ups.



Senior Partner

Michael Jaliman worked as Director of Strategic Planning at KPMG Asia Pacific and as Senior Managing Director at Fujitsu Consulting. He is also the Founder of True North Financial LLC. He got BA with Honors in Economics from University of Wisconsin at Madison, MBA from Harvard University Business School.



Senior Partner

Christopher Thorne was a Senior Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Broadline Capital, which successfully invested several high-tech companies. Christopher Thorne got his Bachelor, MBA, and JD degrees from Harvard University.



Founder & Senior Partner

Edward Yan is the Founder and Managing Director of Sirius Capital (US, Canada). He is also the Senior Partner of Forward Capital (China) and Chairman of Audit Committee & Independent Director of China Rapid Finance (NYSE: “XRF”). Edward Yan got his Double Bachelor’s Degree from Tsinghua University in China.

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Invest in the future. Invest for a better world.

Sirius Capital has been striving to provide supreme investment returns for our investors with professional risk management.
This is our Top One priority.

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Invest For A Better World



Invest In The Future

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Past Success


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November 24, 2020

The City of Toronto City Planning Division held a virtual public consultation meeting on November 23, and passed a rezoning permit for The Borough, located at 2180 Lawrence Ave East, Scarborough.


March 28, 2021

Performance comparison: Sirius Quantitative Cryptocurrency Fund - Aegis Quantitative I Program vs. Bitcoin, stock markets, US real estate, and gold. 

February investment report shows that cryptocurrencies market continued to recover going into the first week of February after BTC re-tested US$30,000 support level in January. Recent market research suggests that capital flow into cryptocurrencies, benchmarked by Bitcoin, is becoming more balanced between retail and institutional investors versus 2020 during which institutional investors made the predominant capital contribution to the industry. 

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Recent Events

  • Real Estate Investment Opportunity in USA
    Wed., Apr. 28
    To be determined.
    Apr. 28, 8:00 p.m. GMT+8
    To be determined.
    Real estate expert will lead you through topics about (1) Covid pandemic impacts on Commercial Real Estate in USA; (2) Supply and demand of Multifamily market, and how is the population migration trend; (3) Multifamily updates, how are multifamily rent, vacancy and price. And finally what can we do?
  • Exceptional Investment Opportunity in Cryptocurrency
    Jan. 15, 8:00 p.m. GMT+8
    To be determined.
    World class portfolio manager of Sirius Capital, former portfolio manager at SAC, RCG, etc. with over US$10 billion assets under management, will give a unique introduction about: (1) What is Blockchain & Cryptocurrency? (2) Why should we get involved with cryptocurrency investment? ......
  • North America Economy & Investment Opportunity in Challenging Times
    Dec. 11, 2020, 8:00 p.m. EST
    Zoom Meeting ID: 815 2917 5006
    Senior Partner of Sirius Capital and Former Morgan Stanley Vice Chairman, will give an insightful presentation on 1) The US presidential election and its impact on markets; 2) Real Estate vs Stock investment performance over time; 3) Canada Real estate market activity and outlook. Don't Miss Out!


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